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Italian Craftsmanship    

There's no doubt that Italians know good design. From old school craftsman to young designers, Made in Italy is the result of a culture, history and tradition. 

Imitated and admired, Italian craft products are works of art.

The Original Speed Bag

The Original Speedbag was born after months of studying and understanding wood’s quality, trees, and martial arts. Indeed, our deep passion for boxing wasn’t enough to make it start. That’s why we decided to explore the speedball platforms world better and acknowledge the long history behind them, starting from the 800s until today. Unexpectedly, the more we went through it, the more our passion for speedball platforms increased. And so we went on on our journey.


At its very beginning, the speed bag was a symbol, a real boxing icon. It symbolized the hard work and the most challenging boxing training with absolute control.


As Pirelli once said: Power is nothing without control.


The Collaboration

This collaboration was born to meet the needs of all the people that want to bag on a professional, handmade speed bag station that is accessible to all, but maintaining high quality standards.

This station is made of European Beech wood, a light wood with identical veins that guarantees an excellent performance. It's firmness, combined with the resistance to bending, impacts, compression and curve, make it one of the most interesting wood choices, from a mechanical point of view.

Our EVO 14P is the best swivel for this beauty! If you want to take your bagging sessions to a higher level you have come to the right place!

Our soundproof brackets will complete your speed bag sessions' experience, completely absorbing any vibration. 

This speed bag station is 100% handmade in Italy and Texas.

US dollar conversion = $1,050 - $1,080 depending on the daily exchange rate at time of purchase.

History of The Thrasher House x The Original Speed Bag

In 2020, Mr. Alan Kahn reached out to Jeff to let him know about a young Italian that was wanting to make some EPIC speed bag platforms with his mentor, Lorenzo. He said, "you should reach out to him." Well, when the Godfather of Bible Style bagging, the author of the Speed Bag Bible, tells you to reach out to someone, you reach out! No hesitation. I do not think Jeff nor Omi knew that this was going to turn into a brotherhood and a lifelong friendship. 


Now, in 2023, both have been successful with their own custom craftsmanship. Jeff with is ever "evolving" EVO. Now with a patent pending on the entire set up and a massive following. Omi with his natural Italian ability to excel at his craft of choice which, thankfully just happened to be speed bag platforms!


What a beauty he and Lorenzo have created. Our collaborated platform combines the EVO14P with a stunning European Beech Wood platform! We are honored to be among their collection of beauties such as, The Original that is made of European Ash Wood. The Queen, made of hard European Cherry Wood and The Rook, made of top-quality Oak Wood. 

Now you may now purchase our EVO 14X and EVO 14MP directly from Omi at The Original Speedbag website. This should save our EU baggers shipping costs. 

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