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My name is Jeff Thrasher. I live with my beautiful family in south Texas. Currently, I work in oil & gas doing x-rays on pipelines. In 2011 I started working in this industry as an entry level helper. In 2014 I had moved up in the ranks from a helper to a management position.

I have a mechanical mind that is just part of my DNA. My father was a Senior Chemical Engineer & German Linguist for the U.S. Army. My dad was a genius.  I wish I had a tiny bit of his brain power. My mother was a natural go getter. She never knew what the word, “No” meant. She started her own business, placing hundreds of exchange students from around the world, into homes in East Texas. She was a founding member for Coats for Kids & The Angel Tree programs, making sure less fortunate families were taken care of. All while raising 6, independently minded children of her own. My parents were my first role models and man, were they the best!  I know that my way of dissecting how things work, how something can be faster, lighter, quieter & overall better, my dad naturally gifted to me. My inspiration to start my own business someday & maybe give someone a smile or change their day for the better, I totally got from my mom.


I just never realized it would begin in the great world of speed bagging!


The year 2020 will be written in our children’s history books. For most, it has been a rough year, to say the least. Yet, for myself, it has been a year of transition. I started speed bagging. Something to get my mind off possibly loosing my job & the world in complete chaos. I have met baggers worldwide! This new world has been life changing.


While learning bible style drumming, I tried many swivels & had issues with a few of the commercially available ones. I decided to try to make my own. They are made out of resin & do the job they need to do. Then the speed bag community reached out & were interested in buying them so, here we are! I love that I can bring something to the table in this great, worldwide community of speed baggers!


I have a Provisional Patent on my swivel, ball and t-hook design, as well as a Provisional Patent on a drum design. That will be coming soon! 


Thanks for your support & BANG ON!!

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